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The only reliable way to resolve this is to let the school
administration to handle it. Each registration would *attempt* to
register as a student, parent or whatever. Those attempted
would go into a "wait" queue. Meantime, emails would be sent to an
administrator whose job is would be to "bless" those registrations.
would check to see if a potential registrant was what they claimed to
be. You'd give them a page where the queued registration attempts would
show up. And they would check the proper box for each potential
registrant. Once done, the registration would be completed, and in the
proper category.

Yeah, that would fall on our shoulders.  School administration won't do
this.  It comes back to the IT Department and we have to "figure it out".
The problem is, while we can "bless" student registrations, we can't always
tell if the next one is a parent or not, or if it's a parent in our

We do have another system in place, one in which we hand out 2 unique keys
for each student at each school and parents pick those up.  Internally those
keys are matched to that student so we know who it is that's registering.
However, that requires a lot of front work to get those keys out.

For this particular project, we want to make it as painless as possible, but
the more I think about it, the more I'm accepting the impossible nature of

Ugh that's what I had suggested, but you turned it into a big fight LOL.

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