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> Ideally you need to be able to unambiguously identify either a student
> or a parent, you're best bet is to go for student - thus try and find a
> single bit of information that both a student and you know about that
> student, possibilities are:

        Yep, easier said than done.  It would be rather easy to determine a
student, they're all common login formats.  Staff e-mails are different yet,
as are others.  However, for the charter schools, they don't fall in the
same "common" pool, and thus have totally different e-mails, public e-mails
at that.  So I can't simply rely on their e-mail.

        I can certainly ask for a student ID (and verify that on the
backend), but again, parents also know their student's IDs.  They also know
what year.  Teacher won't have any bearing here because there is no such
thing as a 'home room' at the level we're working at.  I'm not so much
worried about a parent registering on the wrong side of the wall ... the
access would be even less anyway.  And while a student registering on the
wrong side simply won't give them access to the contest, there is also no
reason for them to be there.  And rather than me getting an e-mail to change
their registration, I'd rather it happen automatically.  There is nothing on
the parent side that is a secret or that the student can't know.  This isn't
any kind of secure or secret site we're working with here.

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