Hi Shiplu -

I also have a product with similar requirements. I searched a LOT and was never 
able to find a free solution that I was satisfied with. Even a lot of the 
commercial solutions required some server-side runtime EXE or something be 
installed, and my customers are not tech savvy enough to get that going.

I ultimately settled on PHP Lockit, which is $29. It's a Windows program that 
you run to create an obfuscated version of your script. I'm very satisfied with 
the obfuscation, and it does not require any external runtime files or 
anything. Works like a charm, and I recommend it.


- Brian

On May 9, 2010, at 1:36 PM, shiplu wrote:

> Is there any php encoder like IonCube ?
> Looking for an opensource solution.
> My main target is to deliver encoded php codes so that it can not be
> re-engineered.

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