Hello Jagdeep,

I think that using the user table will fix your first problem of having a single user tied to a browser for the same machine or even a different machine. Once logged in that same user cannot login again.

For your second issue, I do not think is possible to keep track of anything that will not allow user1 to login using Internet Explorer and then user2 to come along open Firefox and log in using the same machine as sessions are kept separately and will look different on the server. Unless you can actually use something to identify the computer as per your question of tracking MAC addresses I do not see this as being possible. But then again I'm no expert.

Just my thoughts.

Good Luck.

On 14/05/2010 03:18, Jagdeep Singh wrote:
Hi All!

I am looking for a solution, I want a user to do a single Login only on a PC

E.g. If a User has logged on my website website.com in Internet explorer,
then he cant login on same website in another browser like Firefox etc with
same loginid or another.

Can I trace MAC address of a single machine to solve this issue?

Or is there a concept of GLOBAL COOKIE / Cross Browser Cookie which will
work for all browsers in a single machine..

I hope You will help me out


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