Jagdeep Singh wrote:

Thanks for all the replies... But may of the solutions are not for my


E.g. : If user1 has logged in Internet Explorer on IP adress (Say IP - A)
with MAC Adress (MAC-X)
Then No other user can login on that IP (IP-A) AND MAC Adress (MAC-X) on any
other browser say Firefox.

I can stop any user to login more than one time at two different machines..

But I am unable to stop Multiple logins on same machine (ofcourse on
different Browsers) Because each browser has different SESSION and Cookie

I hope problem is very clear now..

Oh, I see... you don't even want 2 DIFFERENT users on the same computer to log in at the same time. Hah, you must be doing an online game or something. You cannot do what you want to do.

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