We use PHP defines for defining text in different languages. As far as I 
know PHP files are supposed to be ASCII, not UTF-8 or something like that. 
What I want to make is a conversion program that would convert a given UTF-8 
file with the format

definetext1=this is a text in random UTF-8, probably arabic or similar text
definetext2=this is another text in random UTF-8, probably arabic or similar 

into a file with the following defines


Not sure if I'm using the correct chr/ord function, but I hope the above is 
clear enough to make clear what I'm looking for. Basically the output file 
should be ascii and not contain any utf-8.

Any advise? The html_special_chars did not seem to work for Vietnamese text 
I tried to convert, so something seems to get wrong with just reading an 
array of strings and converting the strings and putting them in defines. 

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