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> The Unicode database uses the same lower 
> character values (i.e., "code points") as does 
> ASCII, namely 0-127, and thus UFT-8 (8-bit 
> variable width encoding) is really a super-set 
> which includes the sub-set of ASCII.
> The "Wingdings" font that Ash refers to is the 
> really the "Dingbat" char set in Unicode, as 
> shown here:
> The use of UFT-8 encoding in everything (web and 
> php) should present much less problems globally 
> than it is trying to fight it.

Thanks tedd,

The real question is whether unicode is even relevant now that the UTF
series is available. I see no reason to have to deal with two competing
"specifications", when one of them is more than adequate for the job and
the other is not even finished yet. That's like the old days when a few
users demanded we support both ASCII and EBCDIC. That didn't get very
far either.

Bob McConnell

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