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Thanks for taking the time - comments in-line from here :)

Josh Kehn wrote:
On Jul 29, 2010, at 1:36 AM, Nathan Rixham wrote:

Hi All,

I find myself wondering about the state of the PHP community (and related 
community with a PHP focus), so, here's a bunch of questions - feel free to 
answer none to all of them, on list or off, or add more of your own - this 
isn't for anything specific, just out of interest and sure I (and everybody who 
reads the replies) will learn something + doors/options/contacts may come of 
it. The only thing I can guarantee is that I'm genuinely interested in every 
reply and will read every one of them + lookup every tech and link mentioned.

in no particular order:

What other languages and web techs do you currently use other than PHP?
- if you include html or css please include version, if js then preferred libs, 
and whether client or server side.

Java, JS (in the form of Node and MongoDB, +raw client / jQuery stuff) and PHP 
get used regularly. Python / Ruby infrequently.

With true confirmation bias - great to see you mentioning node.js, have a universal language / syntax for programming is critical moving forwards. I've been 'playing' with node for a while now myself, added an upgrade to handle client side ssl certificates properly and expose needed values recently, and currently working on making tabulator's rdflib work on both client and server (i.e., porting it to node amongst other things).

MongoDB I managed to bypass somewhere, I quickly migrated past NoSQL and on to triple/quad store(s) - again for universality reasons, on the path to a full embrace of N3. This said, I should probably give some more weight to MongoDB, certainly with it's json friendly-ness I can see how it could fit in to my preferred tech stack.

What's your previous language/tech trail?

Started with QBasic and realized it was crap. Moved on to Java, realized object 
rock but J2EE doesn't. Moved to PHP / Java.

QBasic was crap lol, that was my first language after playing with .bat files!

Are you considering any new languages or techs, and if so which?
- names / links


See http://joshuakehn.com/blog/index.php/blog/view/28/MongoDB-Node-js/

Nice blog, subscribed - used to do my braces the same as you then reverted back to putting them EOL, will comment on your blog with reasons why.

Also, golf-code! that had escaped my radar somehow, looks like I can waste a few hours with that one - love it.

Is PHP your hobby/interest, primary development language, just learning or?

Primary dev, hobby, interest, all of the above?
How many years have you been using PHP regularly?

More then five, but it's really hard to say when it stopped being just a 
language and the primary.

How many years have you been working with web technologies?

More then eight, though I remember HTML when tables were used for everything and spacer gifs were *the* thing.
Did you come from a non-web programming background?

Yes, primarily Java.

Is your primary role web developer or designer?

Developer. I couldn't design if you paid me my weight in gold.

In your developer life, are you an employer, and employee, contractor, 
freelancer, part of a team of equal standing members?

Contractor / freelancer / employee / employer. Currently teaming up with a 

Do you tend to work on jobs for geo-local clients, clients in the same country, 
or do you work internationally 'on the web'?

I like to work in person, but sometimes that doesn't work. I have done 
international work before.

How do you get your projects? do they come to you, word of mouth, do you hunt 
and bid for projects, code call, visit clients, target clients individually you 
think you can help, or?
- not looking for trade secrets, just to get enough for an overall picture.

Word of mouth mostly.
Do you have any frustrations with the PHP community, do you find you want to 
talk shop but can't, or find people to work with but can't, have projects in 
mind you want to do but can't find people to do them with etc?

Not particularly.

Do you network with other PHP'ers in real life - meetups etc, do you tend to 
shy away, or do you find you circulate in other web related but non PHP 
focussed communities?

I haven't gotten flashed on any PHP meetups, but I wouldn't shy away from them.

Here in Scotland I read that as "I haven't had anybody flash their genitals at me on any PHP meetups, but I wouldn't shy away from them" - thus, lol!

Are you a member or any other web tech communities, opensource efforts, or 
standardization bodies - again, if so which?

None that I recall.

Are there any efforts, projects or initiatives which are floating your boat 
right now and that your watching eagerly (or getting involved with)?

Node, Mongo. I'm also watching a couple git repos, memcached and scribe to name 
two. Some stuff I just can't be involved in (C / C++ dev is tricky when you 
work with Java / PHP).

another +1 for git, makes life easier, will hunt you down and see what you're all following (other than memcached and scribe).

on the c/c++ side, I thought the same thing (being Java/PHP for the past while pretty solidly) but as mentioned earlier, recently hacked out some c++ for node and it was easier than I thought once I 'just did it', I guess I'm saying don't let that feeling phase you, if you want to do it - just do it, you're a programmer not a specific languager. :)

ps: please *do not* flame anybodies answers, that really wouldn't be fair.

Best & Regards,


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