On 10-07-29 03:35 PM, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
On 7/28/10 11:26 PM, Larry Garfield wrote:
- Those driving PHP development itself (vis, writing the engine) don't seem to
comprehend the idea of someone running a web site who isn't also a C
developer, sysadmin, and performance specialist.  "If you don't have root then
we don't care about you" is the prevailing attitude I see.  I'm sure most of
PHP-DEV will disagree with that assessment but I've been reading the list for
3 years now and that sense is very clear.  That's quite unfortunate given that
the vast majority of PHP scripts are still on shared hosting where you have no
control over the environment at all.

The very basic reason for this is that we build stuff that we need.  We
will try to cater to others as well, but the things that receive the
most attention are the things that the people writing the code need
themselves for some reason.  None of us run an ISP with thousands of
virtual hosts on a single 32-bit machine and half a gig of ram.

It is just human nature.  PHP is not a product.  It is a shared tool and
the people capable of building the tool get a lot of say into what the
tool does and how it does it.  People who are not capable of building
the tool can shout suggestions from the sidelines and occasionally some
of these will stick, but often they won't.

I have to give my sincere appreciation for the core developers. In the past when issues come up on the internals list, the developers there have been extremely gracious and diplomatic when considering the views of those not contributing to the core. I have never seen them scorn a well written request or viewpoint. I have seen them go to great lengths to try and find a solution that makes the multitude happy rather than just satisfy their own itch.

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