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> Hi gang:
> I have a client who wants his employees' access to their online 
> business database restricted to only times when he is logged on. 
> (Don't ask why)
> In other words, when the boss is not logged on, then his employees 
> cannot access the business database in any fashion whatsoever 
> including checking to see if the boss is logged on, or not. No access 
> whatsoever!
> Normally, I would just set up a field in the database and have that 
> set to "yes" or "no" as to if the employees could access the 
> database, or not. But in this case, the boss does not want even that 
> type of access to the database permitted. Repeat -- No access 
> whatsoever!
> I was thinking of the boss' script writing to a file that 
> accomplished the "yes" or "no" thing, but if the boss did not log off 
> properly then the file would remain in the "yes" state allowing 
> employees undesired access. That would not be acceptable.
> So, what methods would you suggest?
> Cheers,
> tedd
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What about using the timestamp of that file as well? Then have the
boss's login update the file periodically, and the employees can only
access if the file exists and is of a certain age or newer. That should
solve the easiest problem, although you still are left with the issue of
the boss...


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