At 4:05 PM -0500 9/12/10, Tamara Temple wrote:
Sounds like there are some security concerns here.

On Sep 12, 2010, at 11:32 AM, tedd wrote:
I have a client who wants his employees' access to their online business database restricted to only times when he is logged on. (Don't ask why)

I do wonder why, though. Perhaps this is an opportunity to educate someone about security and privacy and web applications? Does he feel that by being logged in, he can control every aspect of connection to the data base? Or even be aware of every access to the data base? What is he hoping to accomplish be being logged in? Does he propose to actively monitor the data base transactions in real time while he's at work? What is he hoping to avoid by requiring his logged in state before anyone else can access the data base? Just being logged in won't dissuade a cracker from attacking his data if they so choose, nor will it prevent a disgruntled employee from damaging the data while he's logged in if they have the expertise and means.


I said "Don't ask why"

You see, people often have strange notions about "their" business or unusual ideas about how to do things, That goes with consulting. While many may find that odd, but some of the most revolutionary ideas come from such unusual thinking.

For example, take a look at Henry Ford at his investigation and research to control not only what people work on, but how they perform their work. Without his efforts, I would think the idea of the assembly line would have surfaced many years later by someone else with similar ideas.

I'm sure that many people would look upon Steve Jobs and what he expects from his employees and think that odd, but look at the results.

I don't pass judgement. I simply advise (based upon my limited understanding of things) and let the client make the calls. After all, he's the one paying the bills and he has answers for the remainder of your questions.



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