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> At 11:55 PM -0400 9/12/10, Paul M Foster wrote:
>>I hate to seem flippant, but here would be my conversation with this
>>Customer: "My employees got access to the database while I was gone
>>Consultant: "Well, let's see. Oh, it appears you didn't properly log
>>Customer: "Yes, but I was *gone*. They weren't supposed to be able to
>>access the database unless I'm *here*."
>>Consultant: "The only way we know that is if you log in and log out
>>properly. Now, if you like, we can put a nanny-cam in your office, and
>>whenever you're not there (like in the bathroom), the whole thing
>>down. That will cost $x. Your choice. We've been working on the
>>mind-reading extension to PHP, but it's not finished yet."
> Customer: Thanks for your opinion. We'll be in touch.
> Customer to his secretary: Let's find someone who knows how to do

Anybody that tells him it can be done is lying through their teeth and
will just be stealing his money. He probably deserves what he gets in
this case.

Bob McConnell

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