Daniel Brown wrote:

     I don't believe that we've been having any issues with the server,
no.  Are you using NNTP to connect?

yes, NNTP.

You may want to consider using
the HTTP-based RSS and/or RDF feeds if it continues to be an issue.

If this persists, I'll look into the alternatives you suggest, but that's another hill to climb when all I'm trying to do is learn PHP and web and mySQL and javascrip and... :) (not complaining, just that right now I've got a lot on my plate and the scope of new things just seem to keep expanding faster than I can get a handle on it).

In addition, if you continue to have problems, file a bug report at
http://bugs.php.net/ and we'll look into it further.

Thanks, I did that. In the process I found a 2005 bug report that said nntp was deliberately throttled to discourage its use... :)

As part of the bug report I included a link to an image of my nntp config.

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