On 09/13/2010 06:51 PM, MikeB wrote:
> Daniel Brown wrote:
>>      I don't believe that we've been having any issues with the server,
>> no.  Are you using NNTP to connect?
> yes, NNTP.
>> You may want to consider using
>> the HTTP-based RSS and/or RDF feeds if it continues to be an issue.
> If this persists, I'll look into the alternatives you suggest, but
> that's another hill to climb when all I'm trying to do is learn PHP and
> web and mySQL and javascrip and...   :)  (not complaining, just that
> right now I've got a lot on my plate and the scope of new things just
> seem to keep expanding faster than I can get a handle on it).
>> In addition, if you continue to have problems, file a bug report at
>> http://bugs.php.net/ and we'll look into it further.
> Thanks, I did that. In the process I found a 2005 bug report that said
> nntp was deliberately throttled to discourage its use... :)
> As part of the bug report I included a link to an image of my nntp config.

I have had this problem every day for years.  I can read a message and
then click another one and it times out.  It does this for hours at a
time.  Also, many times when sending a reply it times out.  Just learned
to live with it because I don't want mailing list mails either.


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