Daniel Brown wrote:
On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 18:09, MikeB <mpbr...@gmail.com> wrote:
However, getting access seems to be hit-and-miss, since I more often than
not get a message that the connection to news.php.net timed out.

Is this an indication that the server is just very busy? I don't get this on
any other news server I'm using on the smae news reader and I have gotten
this on two different news readers that I have tried.

    I don't believe that we've been having any issues with the server,
no.  Are you using NNTP to connect?  You may want to consider using
the HTTP-based RSS and/or RDF feeds if it continues to be an issue.
In addition, if you continue to have problems, file a bug report at
http://bugs.php.net/ and we'll look into it further.

Dan, Mike,

I can confirm this happens "all the time" in thunderbird, and always has for many years now, on all PHP NNTP lists.

However, the problem can be worked around simply, for some reason the timeout generally only happens with the first call to view a mailing list, after X minutes of inactivity. Thus, I simply subscribe to a few different PHP lists (like .soap .test and general) then when I open thunderbird I quickly click a list I *don't* want to see, then click on .general, .general then loads nicely as expected letting the other one timeout :)

It's hardly a fix, but it works - may be worth checking if this is the case with the latest thunderbird revision and then reporting it as a "bug" (in either thunderbird or the mailing list software that PHP is running).



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