Good to know there's a workaround.  I am thinking of using one (or more) of
the old VOOM boxes to mirror the news server for NNTP-only access.

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On Sep 14, 2010 8:59 PM, "Nathan Rixham" <> wrote:
> Daniel Brown wrote:
>> On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 18:09, MikeB <> wrote:
>>> However, getting access seems to be hit-and-miss, since I more often
>>> not get a message that the connection to timed out.
>>> Is this an indication that the server is just very busy? I don't get
this on
>>> any other news server I'm using on the smae news reader and I have
>>> this on two different news readers that I have tried.
>> I don't believe that we've been having any issues with the server,
>> no. Are you using NNTP to connect? You may want to consider using
>> the HTTP-based RSS and/or RDF feeds if it continues to be an issue.
>> In addition, if you continue to have problems, file a bug report at
>> and we'll look into it further.
> Dan, Mike,
> I can confirm this happens "all the time" in thunderbird, and always has
> for many years now, on all PHP NNTP lists.
> However, the problem can be worked around simply, for some reason the
> timeout generally only happens with the first call to view a mailing
> list, after X minutes of inactivity. Thus, I simply subscribe to a few
> different PHP lists (like .soap .test and general) then when I open
> thunderbird I quickly click a list I *don't* want to see, then click on
> .general, .general then loads nicely as expected letting the other one
> timeout :)
> It's hardly a fix, but it works - may be worth checking if this is the
> case with the latest thunderbird revision and then reporting it as a
> "bug" (in either thunderbird or the mailing list software that PHP is
> running).
> Best,
> Nathan

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