On 10-11-08 05:02 PM, Bastien Koert wrote:
On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Robert Cummings<rob...@interjinn.com>  wrote:
On 10-11-08 04:51 PM, Steve Staples wrote:

all of my projects now consist of smarty, pear mdb2, phpmailer, jquery,
fpdf (if needed), and pchart (again, if needed).   these are my personal
choices, and I have been happy with them so far ;)

pchart... *shudder*.

I recently had to add support for variable line types (dots, dashes,
combinations thereof)... I did a beautiful hackjob *lol*.

Interesting to see others use it... the project seems to be dead.

We are using some flex components for charting. Very cool with lots of
flexibility. Just pass in xml datasets

There was a sans flash requirement :)

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