> Well, let's see. My system sits behind a firewall. No external services
> are advertised to the internet. All internal addresses are non-routable.
> I do not use or have any wifi. The system sits in my home office. I use
> a Debian Linux system and practice very safe computing. I often
> investigate little-known sites before surfing to them, and never accept
> temptations to click on ads. In fact, I have my /etc/hosts file set up
> to block the vast majority of ad servers (I see a fraction of the ads
> most people see). I never download content of questionable origin, nor
> accept it from others without investigating it first. I have a root kit
> detector installed, which I periodically use. I'm the only person who
> uses this computer. No one who enters this space is more knowledgeable
> than I am about computers (= not capable of hacking a computer).

Hi Paul - I am interested in knowing how you prevent intrusion with
your firewall when it is a known fact that post 9/11 companies that
develop such leave ports open for "Big Brother" as required. Remember
"Green Lantern", "Carnivore" and the like are roaming around and used
by various agencies. Even though a firewall reports that the ports are
blocked, they aren't.

Limiting surfing to only trusted sites does limit vulnerability, but
for the last couple of years, Google, Yahoo, Fbook, Youtube are
compromised by hackers installing "Antivirus 2009", "Antivirus 2010",
etc. viruses.

With a long list of sites improperly setting cookies, passwords and
usernames are easily compromised when a person visits other sites.
Most importantly,   how do you verify that the Internet Service
provider has not been compromised? Using SSL to pass passwords is
still not 100 percent safe as people may think because the real
problem lies in what and where the web site stores your information on
the server.

How do you thwart these possible and other  intrusion nodes?

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