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> Hi Paul - I am interested in knowing how you prevent intrusion with
> your firewall when it is a known fact that post 9/11 companies that
> develop such leave ports open for "Big Brother" as required. Remember
> "Green Lantern", "Carnivore" and the like are roaming around and used
> by various agencies. Even though a firewall reports that the ports are
> blocked, they aren't.
> Limiting surfing to only trusted sites does limit vulnerability, but
> for the last couple of years, Google, Yahoo, Fbook, Youtube are
> compromised by hackers installing "Antivirus 2009", "Antivirus 2010",
> etc. viruses.
> With a long list of sites improperly setting cookies, passwords and
> usernames are easily compromised when a person visits other sites.
> Most importantly,   how do you verify that the Internet Service
> provider has not been compromised? Using SSL to pass passwords is
> still not 100 percent safe as people may think because the real
> problem lies in what and where the web site stores your information on
> the server.
> How do you thwart these possible and other  intrusion nodes?

A different password on each potentially-weak site? Lasspass is great
for this. You can then export and print your Lastpass data, put it on
a removable media, or access it via web access.

Dotan Cohen


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