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I teach using NetBeans, because it generally sucks less than Eclipse. Eclipse is simply too complicated and NetBeans tries to be less, but it's still too much.

Have you tried PHPStorm?




Thank you very much for your suggestion.

I spent a couple of hours reviewing PHPStorm and it looks *very* promising!

Not only is it relatively cheap ($49), but they have an option for teaching a classroom (they will contact me for details). In short, it looks like it was made for me.

Plus, they have versions for both Windozes and Mac. I use Mac personally/professionally but am forced to teach programming on Windozes. I find that schools are slow to learn when they follow Corporate America and Governments as examples of the "right way" to do things. Instead they should look at the success of General Motors and the State of California for "their way" to handle budgets and conclude these examples are not as smart as they should be -- but I digress.

The paths required for files (local/remote) are not as obvious as I would like, nor does the program actually have control over the placement of files (IOW it does NOT allow drag/drop of files and folders within the program), but I understand that may be more than what they can master for both both platforms. Maybe that will come later.

However, it does an automatic update of files that have been changed and can run a local and remote execution of the code -- so it is very useful.

One of the things that it has over NetBeans and Eclipse is that it can provide a review of the files that are on the remote server, which was one of my major complaints against both NetBeans and Eclipse.

Thanks again.




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