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>Geoff Shang wrote:
>>> On 29 May 2011 01:36, TR Shaw <ts...@oitc.com> wrote:
>>>> (sorry for the top posting)
>>>> Sent from my iPad
>>> Are you telling me that you can't scroll down the page on an iPad?
>>> I refer back to my comment that the "Sent from my iPad/iPhone" is
>>> inherently an apology.
>> Ironicly, it's on by default.  It can be turned off, however.
>I think that sums up many of the 'practices' that we have to put up
>Someone decided they did not like the current method of working, so
>changed a
>default, and all subsequent users simply don't know any better :(
>A crib sheet on how to configure email clients to match a particular
>way of
>working would be nice - except it has to be done on a list by list
>basis in the
>client - such as needing 'reply all' rather than 'reply', and indenting
>There IS no right way - but it IS polite to follow the rules even if it
>is a
>little more difficult doing it from your chosen software. Rather than
>apologising or simply ignoring the guide lines.
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I must admit that its a default on the standard email app on android as well. I 
switched to using K9 mail now, which is a lot more versatile. Don't know if you 
can get it on an iPhone, but there are definitely alternatives from the stock 

Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

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