Hello Lester,

Sorry,  I  don't  get  what  you mean by bottom posting but here is my
complains:  most  of  you  post your messages *after* the quotes. It's
really  not  comfortable: I use screenreading software here and I need
to scroll with my down arrow key before I see the actual message.

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Subject: [PHP] iPhone sadness

      Paul M Foster wrote:
>> >  There IS no right way - but it IS polite to follow the rules even if
>> >  it is a little more difficult doing it from your chosen software.
>> >  Rather than apologising or simply ignoring the guide lines.
> I would imagine that interleaved replies or bottom posting will never be
> considered offensive on any list. Whereas we all know that top posting
> can often be considered offensive, depending on the list.
> By the way, bottom posting only really becomes offensive when you fail
> to trim as needed.
Surely that is 'top posting' ?
But trimming IS the main complaint with ANY posting. I don't particularly 
TO top posting, but 99% of the time there is NO need to have quoting switched 
at all. I've seen my sig included here several times when any decent client 
respect the 'sig' flag. Perhaps THAT is the default which needs looking at?
OK on smart phones 'select' is a pain in the posterior, but that at least is 
probably the best reason for nicely threading email clients. My SMS messages 
threaded - so why not emails as well so that quotes are only needed when 
actually addressing key points. Oh for a perfect world :)

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