Hello Lester,

Actually,  I  get  what  you're  saying.  But  it's true if you read a
message  like an Html page. then you have to press one or two keys and
here you are.
But for some reasons even now we are required to quote the messages at
the  bottom. Be saying "we" I mean those who work for companies making
the accessibility solutions.
And,  BTW, this bottom posting has started just two or three years ago
when Thunderbird came in place.
But I'll make a template that inserts the text below the quotes if you want :-).

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      Andre Polykanine wrote:
> Hello Lester,
> Sorry,  I  don't  get  what  you mean by bottom posting but here is my
> complains:  most  of  you  post your messages*after*  the quotes. It's
> really  not  comfortable: I use screenreading software here and I need
> to scroll with my down arrow key before I see the actual message.

Then you need a better screen reading software - the ones I have seen will jump 
correctly to the first 'non-quoted' item, then you can scroll back up to the 
related item if you need to review it. Putting comments BEFORE the quote is 
simply the wrong way around and is a lot more difficult to follow how ever you 
access it conventionally. The 'prefered' method for this list is in-line or 
bottom posting and the requests to change that have been rejected by the 
majority of users to date.

I develop systems that are used by visually impaired users and in general the 
norm is for correctly ordered messaging - not reverse ordered ones

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