Andre Polykanine wrote:
Hello Lester,

Sorry,  I  don't  get  what  you mean by bottom posting but here is my
complains:  most  of  you  post your messages*after*  the quotes. It's
really  not  comfortable: I use screenreading software here and I need
to scroll with my down arrow key before I see the actual message.

Then you need a better screen reading software - the ones I have seen will jump correctly to the first 'non-quoted' item, then you can scroll back up to the related item if you need to review it. Putting comments BEFORE the quote is simply the wrong way around and is a lot more difficult to follow how ever you access it conventionally. The 'prefered' method for this list is in-line or bottom posting and the requests to change that have been rejected by the majority of users to date.

I develop systems that are used by visually impaired users and in general the norm is for correctly ordered messaging - not reverse ordered ones

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