On 30 May 2011 at 19:07, jean-baptiste verrey <jeanbaptiste.ver...@gmail.com> 

> I like how people just like to complain about everything^^
> But as the debate is raging I had a look over internet and
> http://www.caliburn.nl/topposting.html gave the best argument ever :
> we read from *top* to *bottom *so top posting makes you read useless
> information^^

Actually, if you're trying to make *that* argument, then in fact the reverse is 
true: *bottom* posting makes you read useless information - because all the 
stuff I see first I've seen before. It's worse on Usenet in fact because there 
are some ***** who never learnt to snip. So I have to scroll down two pages 
just to see their one-liner. Sometimes that's a problem here, too.

Cheers  --  Tim

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