> Is there any way that we could simply ban these ridiculous top-posting vs 
> bottom-posting threads that seem to come along every few weeks?  I frankly 
> don't care where a person writes a reply - I'm quite able to scan through an 
> email message to find the relevant points regardless.  Maybe we could add a 
> [posting position rant] tag onto emails that discuss this topic so those of 
> us who couldn't care less could simply have them directed straight to the 
> trash can?

My favorite response is when Dan jumps in and reminds that this list's rules 
are not open to debate or opinion (in the sense that the opinions do not affect 
the rules).  On this topic the rule of this list is "do not top post".  It 
anyone top posts they are ignorant of the rules, or choosing to ignore them.

- Govinda

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