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<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> planted &I saw in mail.common:

>yeah I do, not for doing it, but for giving this stupid topic to the list.
>we should moderate ourselves, I think.
And we'd better begin with NOT top-posting for better consumption:). And
"to bring or not to bring" the topic up is up to you, as well as to later
apologize (to 'sin' and confess is much more appreciated habit in some
cultures, then to NOT do either; if you _consider_ it a 'sin' [which i
personally don't, concerning speach only]/or wrong done:)

>as for whether to use crackers or not.... 
>imagine the following:
>would you say the exactly same words as you wrote down here to me if a
>co-worker of yours would come by your desk telling you something about his
>favorite way of obtaining, testing and eventually cracking the software?
>you'd probably limit yourself by saying: "well, I usually buy the software I
>need and I know all these places to get it broke, but if you crack still...
>just make sure our boss doesn't know ..."
Well, if it would be put so point blank, as you did in this thread, i'd
respond the same way - i did. Otherwise, i could discuss and try to
convince and express my (the only right:) views more tactfully.

Overall you (Galilea:) psychologic test has no real value, as everything
is bugged in "civilised" societies, and your boss will know anyway (even
if you only _think_ about it:), and you may tell me, the "co-worker": 

1. if you are stupid enough to not realize it,
2. for the "freindship" testing purpouse, wich is very disgusting,
3. as a provoker and in order to have a "right" to blame someone on
"treason" if mesures are taken by those "bug" utilisers.

You see all 3 points are baaaad for your:) But the worst, to my mind - is
not the #3, but #2 :)

No, as you can see:)

>we all kinda talk in here but that means nothing. (unless we're fixing the
>codes for others - what mainly this list was created for)

Bag your pardon? All aND any communication is based on some code,
(linguistic, cultural/educational, professional, etc). And it is
(communication) misused specifically to break the "code". Fresh example:

If php.general on USENET, on wich i followed the thread, is the same as
mailing list; it didn't deliver (there may be maintanance excuses, as
always:) this your post and  some other; and if i didn't receive cc: from
Alexandr. S. and you by e-mail (and AS response to your post came much
earlier, then your post itself:) i wouldn't know about it. I also haven't
found appropriate articles on WEB php.net archive, and even after
subscription to the li(A)st, didn't find a way to find/retrieve it yet, (2
days are enough, i think - even for "unpatients" - like myself:) 

So what the specific code fixture is this .general for?:) And speaches
s/t make use:)

>most of us, we still crack, and search, and crack...
>most of us...
Well, it is good, that you at least said "most" and not "all", as many
public 'is real' speakers like to declare:) I 4 1 wouldn't speak for any,
but myself:) So i am not (always:) US.

>-maxim maletsky
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>(Maxim Maletsky) planted &I saw in php.general:
>>I do buy software when I respect it's quality, but just to try I usually
>>crack it first to see how it works.
>Well. The word for this is "stealing", and should be dealt as such..
>Besides, shareware/demos allow you to try it anyway; and how could you
>crack something else?:) besides obtaining it illegaly - and that's double
>There are lot of free (and good) software around. The things are just in
>to be informed. And information - is often in different kind of Unions
>possesion.. but (i think:) it should be mostly (although sometimes it is a
>product too)
>freely and easily publicly available. (speaking of general information in
>>Once again, I apologize to the list.
>U do?:)
>>-maxim maletsky
>i Leonid (not a Union member:) http://nux.home.dk3.com/

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