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> On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 8:25 PM, Jim Giner <jim.gi...@albanyhandball.com>wrote:
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>> On 6 Jul 2011, at 20:03, "Jim Giner" <jim.gi...@albanyhandball.com> wrote:
>> > Frankly, I don't know why you are getting mail from me - I'm not sending
>> > you
>> > any.
>> FFS and for the last time... THIS IS A MAILING LIST which you access
>> through
>> a newsgroup gateway. It is NOT a newsgroup!
>> -Stuart
>> Forgive me for not being a know-it-all.  I don't even know what FFS means.
> I don't expect people to "know-it-all," but since you started "contributing"
> to this MAILING LIST I've told you at least twice that it's a MAILING LIST
> not a newsgroup.

I't is useless to argue with this guy,
I had the same problem with him allot of times and it always ended up
with him not understanding and insulting me.
So i put a slash ignore on him ;)

> Suggestion... when you don't know something, Google it. In the past few
> messages you've sent you've asserted your ignorance on a number of points.
> Go to google, put FFS in and you get the definition back as the FIRST
> result. Even if it wasn't the first result I would hope it's safe to assume
> you'd know I didn't mean Facial Feminization Surgery or Finnish Fur Sales!
> Ignorance is natural and expected, but the inability or unwillingness to put
> effort into reducing your ignorance is a sickening waste of one of the most
> powerful computers on the planet!
> On second thought - I don't need your forgiveness.  Perhaps you should
>> utilize a newsgroup instead of getting all these emails in your inbox.
>>  Much
>> less mail to sort thru when you don't feel like handling php problems and
>> stuff from morons like me.
> I don't think you're a moron, and I'll leave deciding why you referred to
> yourself as such as an exercise for the reader. I do think you need to pay a
> bit more attention, and occasionally respect, to the responses you get on
> this mailing list if you want to realise the potential value they carry.
> I'm not sure why you think I do, but I have no problem with the emails I get
> as a result of subscribing to this mailing list - in fact I find them
> invaluable. I've found the list invaluable whenever I've had a problem I
> can't solve myself, and I find it invaluable to contribute where and when I
> can. I occasionally find it extremely frustrating, but as the veteran list
> members will hopefully testify my responses have mellowed somewhat with age.
> -Stuart
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