On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 15:25, Jim Giner <jim.gi...@albanyhandball.com> wrote:
> Forgive me for not being a know-it-all.  I don't even know what FFS means.

    Took me a minute to figure it out as well, and I was just getting
ready to Google it when I thought to myself, "what is it that Stut
would mean by that?"  The key word in that phrase was his name, and it
made perfect sense: For F$#@s Sake.

> On second thought - I don't need your forgiveness.  Perhaps you should
> utilize a newsgroup instead of getting all these emails in your inbox.  Much
> less mail to sort thru when you don't feel like handling php problems and
> stuff from morons like me.

    You're not a moron, but keep in mind that the list is a mailing
list first, and only archived into newsgroups as a courtesy.  The
official channel of communication here is email.  Good ol' fashioned
ARPANET-inspired email.

    That said, a simple filter would sort and organize things quite
nicely, and I suspect at least 30% of the people here do just that.

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