On Jul 6, 2011, at 3:19 PM, Paul M Foster wrote:
Postfix is a *nix program which can be connected to whatever program you
use to grab mail with. With postfix, you write "recipes" which dictate
what will be done with a piece of incoming mail, based on whatever
characteristics you choose. Think of it as the spam controls in Firefox or Outlook, but on steroids. Typically, postfix will either drop a piece
of spam on the floor, mark it in some way your mail client will
understand, or file it an a separate folder. Moreover, it's not just for
spam. It can be used to filter out duplicate emails, file copies of
emails under different folders by subject, etc.

Actually, what you're describing sounds much more like procmail than postfix. Postfix is a MTA - Mail Transfer Agent, a replacement for Sendmail on Unix systems. It does SMTP and local delivery of mail, and can hook into procmail to further process mail for a given user. Procmail *can* act as a MTA, but only in the local context.

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