On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 12:51 PM, George Langley <george.lang...@shaw.ca> wrote:
>        Am concerned over the number of posts that appear to be from people 
> trying to over-inflate their self-importance.
>        If you are the world's best coder, then help those of us who aren't. 
> If you happen to know a better way to do something that I'm struggling with, 
> then please share it. But if you just want to take pot shots at us, then 
> please keep your comments to yourself.
>        To that end, I wish to thank Ashley Sheridan, Daniel P. Brown, Tedd 
> Sperling and Tommy Pham, to name but just a few of those who have submitted 
> incredibly-helpful posts, that I have kept for reference. Your contributions 
> are very much appreciated - thanks.
> George Langley
> Interactive Developer
> www.georgelangley.ca

You should have seen some of the lambasting that used to pass as
discourse back when this list had traffic.  :]

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