As Tommy says - you sound like a total new user who doesn't know how to do 
it and furthermore doesn't know how many things you are going to have to 
pick up just to accomplish this task.

You have to:

determine the folder your script is running from
collect an array of  image file names from that directory
determine the size of each of these images so that you are not building some 
html that will try to display an unmanageable amount of data all at once. 
You may then have to learn how to create smaller images for your img tags, 
which is another learning process in itself
determine how many images you will display and decide again if you really 
can allow the user to make this kind of request.  This could also create 
another step in the process to keep track of what images have already been 
displayed so that when the screen comes back to your script you can pick up 
where you left off and display a second page.

THEN you can generate the html to produce a useful page of images.

At least that's how I would approach it. And I'm not an expert but simply a 
guy who has put in about a year's worth of effort into learning enough php 
to actually do something like this already, among other things. 

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