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> jim, I am a novice at this language as I said.

Then you are taking on too big of a task.

When I decided to pick up some web programming skills I bought a $50 
book/manual on learning PHP and another on MySQL.  I read them - cover to 
cover.  Then I made up simple tasks to develop in order to LEARN how it's 
actually done.  Sounds like you not only want someone to program it for you, 
but probably help you implement it too.  Sure - I or someone with time on 
their hands - could reply back with a couple hundred lines of code and give 
you your answer.  Then what would you have gained?

Hey - I gave you the outline of how this goal of yours could be 
accomplished.  No need for your own pseudo-code at this point.  Take mine 
and go do some research!  Have fun!  Then come back for clarification on 
what you're doing wrong once you have some actual code written.

> And were people this nice to you when YOU asked beginner questions?
When I asked beginner questions, it was AFTER I had written something and 
ran into a roadblock.  NOT before I had set pen to paper.  You're asking how 
to get to California without having consulted a map yet.  This site will be 
there for you when you have a problem - don't worry.  Me included, not that 
my input is that worthy. 

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