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> > jim, I am a novice at this language as I said.
> >
> Then you are taking on too big of a task.
> When I decided to pick up some web programming skills I bought a $50
> book/manual on learning PHP and another on MySQL.  I read them - cover to
> cover.  Then I made up simple tasks to develop in order to LEARN how it's
> actually done.  Sounds like you not only want someone to program it for
> you,
> but probably help you implement it too.  Sure - I or someone with time on
> their hands - could reply back with a couple hundred lines of code and give
> you your answer.  Then what would you have gained?
> Hey - I gave you the outline of how this goal of yours could be
> accomplished.  No need for your own pseudo-code at this point.  Take mine
> and go do some research!  Have fun!  Then come back for clarification on
> what you're doing wrong once you have some actual code written.
> >>
> > And were people this nice to you when YOU asked beginner questions?
> >>
> When I asked beginner questions, it was AFTER I had written something and
> ran into a roadblock.  NOT before I had set pen to paper.  You're asking
> how
> to get to California without having consulted a map yet.  This site will be
> there for you when you have a problem - don't worry.  Me included, not that
> my input is that worthy.
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I googled "php show images in folder" and lo and behold  the first was was
a script almost exactly what you are wanting to do....

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