On Apr 5, 2012, at 10:26 PM, Kirk Bailey wrote:

> I need a page that will live in a directory and list all image files in 
> there. That is, the page has
> <img src="./foo.type"><P>
> tags emitted in it's structure, one per file in the directory with a saught 
> file type- .png, .gif, .jpg, you get the idea.
> this should use relative addressing so once the tool is built I can use it in 
> other directories as is.
> Now ai am still a novice at p[hp, how can I do this ?
> -- 
> end
> Very Truly yours,
>                 - Kirk Bailey,


That will be a good exercise for you. If you want help, then show us something 
where you did something other than ask for the code.

For example, show us *your* code (or attempt) to list all the files in a 
directory. That's pretty simple. After you do that, then we can move on to the 
next step.

Please realize we are not here to write code for you  but rather to help you 
with *your* code.




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