On Sat, 21 Jul 2001 06:35:06 +0900 impersonator of
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Maxim Maletsky) planted &I saw in

>Then why would you post this to the list instead of emailing me directly?
"Then" what? I don't see clause here:) I repeat for BEGINNERS: "Plse,
don't top-post". I 'dn't respond to this one at all, was it not cc:-ed to
a pub group as well, as it feels too filthy to me, sorry. 

>We all like to express ourselves, including you Lyonya, then do so to only

First of all are you talking of "Lyona Bank" here ^^?:) I have no
connection to nice French, my Russian-speaking friend:)

>whom should read this - me (you have with me, right?)
I don't have _anything_ with you personaly, that i know of. (With your
kind - may be:). The response is of some public interest though.

>I, honestly, apologize for starting this thread, but DO BLAME most of the
>others who still keep it alive after few days as it's hot.
>It is totally irrelevant for PHP programmers.
You over_apollo_gizing, my fr. Nice habit:) Is it actually a "pub lic
announcement" to shurUp, seniORE?:) And it _is_ relevant to programming
(including PHP) as it is about stealing software products.
>P.S: the reason this goes CC'ed to the list is in fact to stop it.

This statement is not even funny:)

>Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,
I admire you POLIglotIC (speaking many languages) talents. Though, it
would be nice, if you had included tran S fr. Japanese, for "some of us" -
ignorant in .jp:)

>Maxim Maletsky
i Leonid

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