Sales tax isn't the point with SOPA/PIPA. Thinks like the government being able to force any site off the Internet at the ISP / DNS level on the say-so of a private corporation are the point. And no, that's not a defensible or acceptable position. Breaking the Internet to prop up industries that don't like being disrupted is not a proper use of governmental power.

I'm quite happy to see joining in with other defense-of-freedom voices.

--Larry Garfield

On 7/21/12 1:56 PM, With No Name wrote:
On Fri, July 20, 2012 10:04, Lester Caine wrote:
In Europe VAT is applied even on on-line sales. It is the likes of Amazon
  shipping bulk stock from overseas 'clients' into European warehouses and
then supplying them without VAT added directly in Europe that is the
problem! How can I compete with someone who is also giving next day
delivery, but 20% cheaper ... American sellers are one of the problems

It depends, because in Europe (I live in Germany), VAT is only added if
the value + shiping exceeds 25 Euro and customs are only added, if the
value exceeds 150 Euro

It does NOT discriminate American sellers, because German sellers have to
bill the VAT too

Also I buy regulary in the USA and even with heavy USPS costs plus Import-VAT
I am mostly lesser expensive as if I buy in Germany...


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