Simon Schick wrote:
Just try to connect to your mysqlserver using a simple php script first.

Actually my next step was to try phpMyAdmin ;)

Having created a new user with the correct rights it just worked out of the box. I was simply trying to use 'root' just to get going, but it seems that is blocked somewhere and will only work internally. That is I could not log into phpMyAdmin using 'root' ...

joomla is using mysqli but as yet is obviously not strict compliant as will demonstrate ... that is if I've not found where to patch joomla since I don't want to switch E_STRICT off just for that. If I do anything with joomla it will be replacing mysql, but to be honest I'll probably just move most of the sites to something *I* can work with :) I've already sorted the E_STRICT problem with my own stuff. I just need to get them running for now!

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