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OK - MySQL is not an area I've had to bother with, but I'm trying to sort
out a tranche of websites that 1&1 messed up the DNS on last week and we
have take over support for. All the databases have backed up and been
restored ... 
although after Firebird's backup and restore system having to dump the
database as raw SQL ... that took a LONG time :(

Anyway I've installed the mysqli driver and that seems to be working and
I've run 'test connection' in mysql workbench with what I think are the same
settings in the  joomla without a problem, but the website just gives
"Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL." I can browse
the data in workbench, and changing user admin enables and disables that,
but nothing seems to sort the php connection.

Can anybody think of something that I have missed in this or point me to a
suitable 'newbie' guide to debugging mysql connections so I can get all
these sites back on line again ... If it was Firebird I'd just have mirrored
of one of my other machines and been working as the security stuff is
managed in the database, by mysql seems to have layers of security that I'm
missing somewhere ;)

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First of all, I HIGHLY doubt that 1and1 AKA Cisco messed up the DNS. I would
be very careful blaming them and publically announcing it.
Secondly if you tested mysql connection with Workbench then the error you
describe is configuration error in Joomla, common sense would dictate so.

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