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First of all, I HIGHLY doubt that 1and1 AKA Cisco messed up the DNS. I would
be very careful blaming them and publically announcing it.
We can publish the list of sites that were unavailable for 48 hours. It was the last straw for the customer as this was not the first occasion it had happened and we were asked to sort the matter out after several hours of being given the run around. NOW I'm trying to get PHP working with the customers material which was running on PHP5.2 but I no longer have 5.2 on my servers.

Secondly if you tested mysql connection with Workbench then the error you
describe is configuration error in Joomla, common sense would dictate so.
Which was exactly the sort of help I was asking for, finding some things like that can take time when one is in a rush, but ACTUALLY that page gave me nothing as the subsequent post indicated. It was the PHP setup with MySQL that I was playing with at the time although the actual problem was simply adding a user name that PHP could access - not something I was expecting since I can always use the system accounts with Firebird.

This list is for PHP
And the problems I am having are getting PHP working!
Current problem simply getting mysqli and mysqlnd compiled so I can add them to the PHP5.4 setup. I've been at this for the last 3 hours and am making progress, but nothing actually worked first time :(
And the sites still arn't up on my servers.

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