Simon Schick wrote:
Hi, Lester

I know how you feel ... I didn't want to disable E_STRICT either, but
as most of those errors come from the Joomla-Core or some extensions,
I don't have the nerves to fix code that's not mine and the developer
just says "aaa ... those E_STRICTs ... why do you even care ...".

Therefore I gave up because the developer won't fix those and I don't
want to support my own fork of those extensions.

Actually all I was trying to work out was overriding the setting for the joomla sites ... but I hit another problem first :(

Need to compile mysqli and mysqlnd as shared modules, but can't seem to untangle the interrelation on header files ... I'm missing something there when running ./configure to get them to see the other's ext/ folder on the php5.4 configuration on the main server ... what should be a 5 minute job always seems to take hours :(

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