From what I see most of your concepts are not up to date of how you
would do things now.
This starts with simple "leave brackets on if else single line
conditions" which is from my point of view a no go and ends with using
static calls instead of instances.
Thank you for your feedback.
Especially the static calls improve code quality a lot in my opinion.
But it is different to common standards, I am aware of that.

And why PHP 5.2?
Why not? With some tweaks it would work on PHP4 but for the sake of security
it uses some filter_var methods that are 5.2 specific.

And I am curious if you have developed a real templating engine or if
you are going by eval()? From what I see, it looks a bit like that.
Yes, that is the default. But hardly any impact on performance. For Websites with highest traffic it would be simple to write out the controller code instead of storeing it in the db only,
other ways would be stream sockets that allow "including" of db pages.

But these are only my points. I browsed the pages, had no insight on the

But I like your concept on the in place editing, that looks pretty cool
and handy.
Thank you. Maybe you want to download and install it some time, would be glad to get more feedback from you :)

- Johannes

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