Lester Caine <les...@lsces.co.uk> hat am 30. Oktober 2012 um 11:07 geschrieben:
> >> And why PHP 5.2?

> > Why not? With some tweaks it would work on PHP4 but for the sake of security
> > it uses some filter_var methods that are 5.2 specific.

> And since 60% of the world is still stuck with ISP provided hosting on PHP5.2
> or
> less it does 'widen the market' ...

Ok, I can take that point. I haven't installed anything on a shared host for a
while. Always working with VServers.

Johannes Reichardt <johannes.reicha...@googlemail.com> hat am 30. Oktober 2012
um 10:24 geschrieben:
> >  From what I see most of your concepts are not up to date of how you
> > would do things now.
> > This starts with simple "leave brackets on if else single line
> > conditions" which is from my point of view a no go and ends with using
> > static calls instead of instances.
> Thank you for your feedback.
> Especially the static calls improve code quality a lot in my opinion.
> But it is different to common standards, I am aware of that.

In times of testability and several design patters, the use of static calls is
really outdated.
I understand that you can read and write the invocations of the methods much
faster, but you should think more to the future on that point.

> > And I am curious if you have developed a real templating engine or if
> > you are going by eval()? From what I see, it looks a bit like that.
> Yes, that is the default. But hardly any impact on performance. For
> Websites with
> highest traffic it would be simple to write out the controller code
> instead of storeing it in the db only,
> other ways would be stream sockets that allow "including" of db pages.

The/my problem with eval() comes from a security point of view.

> Thank you. Maybe you want to download and install it some time, would be
> glad to get more feedback from you  :)

Yeah, you known, I love to, but there are 29+some other project I want to do as
For now I'll stick to I am doing right now and try to finish it first ;)

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