In times of testability and several design patters, the use of static calls is
really outdated.
I understand that you can read and write the invocations of the methods much
faster, but you should think more to the future on that point.
I am not sure if that is true for TURBOPY. It has been "organically grown" over the years and I had no scenario where I needed instances. The benefit of more compact code is worth it for this scenario I think. The nature of a server request is still very procedural.
The/my problem with eval() comes from a security point of view.
Yes that is true, if you enable the templating language it is not safe anymore.
If you take care of that it is ok, but you have to know about it.

Your points are interesting and they let me explain what TURBOPY is not:
Just a framework like the ones you are used to. Its concepts differ a lot from other frameworks, like the idea of "accessibiliy over convention" for example.

With TURBOPY I try to bring back more creativity in the developing process,
allowing you to reach goals in less time.

- Johannes

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