Silvio Siefke <> wrote:

>On Sat, 05 Jan 2013 14:52:12 +0000
>Ashley Sheridan <> wrote:
>> I've just had a quick look at page2, and I can't say I see the point.
>> You'd end up having to write a lot more code that was harder to
>> by adding each element through a class like that if your site got
>> moderately complicated.
>> There are many templating engines, and some are more complicated than
>> others, don't write them off just yet. Technically speaking, page2 is
>> template engine of a kind, so you're already using one.
>Page2 dominated not HTML5. The websites at issue are in HTML5
>So an alternative must be sought to Page2.
>Thanks for help, Greetings

If the pages are already written, why do you want to start changing the way 
they've been built?


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