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> Hallo,
> On Sat, 5 Jan 2013 15:40:56 -0500
> Tedd Sperling <t...@sperling.com> wrote:
> > Not mine.
> What should me say this two words? You not use nano, ok. Editors enough
> on earth. Or you not write manually? Then share the way! Or use a CMS?
> Thank you for help, Kind Regards
> Silvio

Personally, I favour CodeIgniter as a framework to handle stuff like
routes and stuff. I do the templates like this:

     1. Call up the template.php view and pass across name of content
        view to use for the page/section and other page-specific bits
     2. Template view pulls in header view and populates it with default
        <head> stuff, which can be overridden with stuff from step 1
     3. Template view pulls in the main content view which deals with
        that page
     4. Template view pulls in footer view and populates it in the same
        way as header

This is the most basic example, but often the template view will deal
with other bits like navigation bars, sidebars, and other shared
sections. You need not limit yourself to one template view either, you
could have several depending on the section of the site.


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