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> You said --
> > 1.) All websites are created manually. (nano + html/css Tags)
> -- and I replied "Not mine". In other words, some of my web-sites are 
> NOT created manually. 

What do you mean I do realize. I'm just wondering, why write an email 
to the matter is insignificant.

> They are dynamically generated from user input.

When you have this situation be happy. Other site, other content, and 
other target groups.

> I don't use nano (I don't even know what that is), but what I do is 
> to create pages that pass W3C compliance and follow "best" practices. 
> From what I've gathered from most frameworks I've reviewed, they have 
> problems (similar to ASP) in mixing different languages in ways such 
> that compliance with W3C and accessibility issues are difficult, if 
> not impossible, to achieve.

Nano is a editor, very simple editor for Linux. http://www.nano-editor.org
Which website is the w3c compliant? No website that has many users and has 
a lot of interaction.
> Even CMS's have difficulty with compliance and accessibility issues 
> because of the lack of knowledge of the user/client. I have clients 
> who insist on CMS's, but then are clueless as to user issues and 
> difficulties..

> So, where does that leave a "Web Developer?" It leaves them with the 
> responsibility to learn and apply what they learned to their craft. 
> Is there an easy way out, such as to use a certain framework, or CMS, 
> or other such attempts at minimizing the work involved? The answer is 
> a simple  "No".

I simply asked a question, nothing more, nothing less. I looked for an 
alternative. I do not need a web developer. I'm not a web developer. 
I manage a few sites, most of my Customers are hosting customers.

> Instead, you have to spend every waking hour learning and applying that 
> knowledge with openness to the possibility that you still don't understand 
> the problems involved  it's a never ending battle to educate yourself.

I have not asked about the internationalization of web pages, I ask for an 
alternative a Pear package. As I have also written the websites are manually 
created and activated for years.I want to try out just a little and learn if 
you do not understand that the problem is not with me. Internationalization 
between large and small sites is the difference. The websites that I manage 
only a different date. For this need not study. That goes with nano and a
good Database Sheet. Learning will never stop. The only thing that changes
is the speed. As a child we hjaben knowledge absorbed, today I sweep only.

Thank you for help, Kind Regards

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