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> What should me say this two words? You not use nano, ok. Editors enough
> on earth. Or you not write manually? Then share the way! Or use a CMS?


You said --

> 1.) All websites are created manually. (nano + html/css Tags)

-- and I replied "Not mine". In other words, some of my web-sites are NOT 
created manually. They are dynamically generated from user input.

For example:


For the exception of the static First page, FAQ page, and Contact page, all 
other pages are generated from user input/direction.

I don't use nano (I don't even know what that is), but what I do is to create 
pages that pass W3C compliance and follow "best" practices. From what I've 
gathered from most frameworks I've reviewed, they have problems (similar to 
ASP) in mixing different languages in ways such that compliance with W3C and 
accessibility issues are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

Even CMS's have difficulty with compliance and accessibility issues because of 
the lack of knowledge of the user/client. I have clients who insist on CMS's, 
but then are clueless as to user issues and difficulties..

So, where does that leave a "Web Developer?" It leaves them with the 
responsibility to learn and apply what they learned to their craft. Is there an 
easy way out, such as to use a certain framework, or CMS, or other such 
attempts at minimizing the work involved? The answer is a simple  "No".

Instead, you have to spend every waking hour learning and applying that 
knowledge with openness to the possibility that you still don't understand the 
problems involved -- it's a never ending battle to educate yourself.




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