So sprach »PHP Junkie« am 2001-07-23 um 21:39:07 -0400 :
> I'm taking in first name and last name data into a MySQL db through a
> form. Users sometimes don't capitalize their first and last names when
> entering the data.  Is there a function to clean this up for
> consistency?  If so, what is the name of the function that performs
> this?

Yep, ucwords.

But this is not a good idea!  There are Names (like "Hans vom Bach" or
somesuch) which do NOT have to be captialized.  Actually, capitalizing
the "vom" would be wrong.  Although this was just a German example, I'd
bet there are names in French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian as well which
should not be capitalized.  Hmm, how about English?  Sometimes there are
suffixes like "the 3rd", no?  Would it be right to capitalize this?

Alexander Skwar
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