True.  or what about the Irish.. The Mc***'s or the Mac*****'s !!
Hmmm?  This will be a challenge for sure!!

Alexander Skwar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>So sprach »PHP Junkie« am 2001-07-23 um 21:39:07 -0400 :
>> I'm taking in first name and last name data into a MySQL db through a
>> form. Users sometimes don't capitalize their first and last names when
>> entering the data.  Is there a function to clean this up for
>> consistency?  If so, what is the name of the function that performs
>> this?
>Yep, ucwords.
>But this is not a good idea!  There are Names (like "Hans vom Bach" or
>somesuch) which do NOT have to be captialized.  Actually, capitalizing
>the "vom" would be wrong.  Although this was just a German example, I'd
>bet there are names in French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian as well which
>should not be capitalized.  Hmm, how about English?  Sometimes there are
>suffixes like "the 3rd", no?  Would it be right to capitalize this?
>Alexander Skwar
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